The Independent Patient and Health Care Advocate Education Track

At the Healthcare Advocate Summit, September 5 – 8, 2023


This exciting collaboration between the Coalition of Health Care Advocacy Organizations (CHCAO) and the Healthcare Advocate Summit brings together Independent Advocates and Professionals, offering a platform for growth, bridging communities, and fostering engagement in vibrant New Orleans! The event goes beyond skill-building and professional development, providing opportunities to explore strategies for scaling the profession, enhancing equity for patients and advocates, collaborating with stakeholders, and strengthening the Advocate community.

Headlining presentations will feature the Impact of Patient and Health Care Advocate Survey and highlight advocates’ crucial role in care teams. Breakout sessions will dive deep into specialized skills, like working in extreme patient care scenarios and important industry initiatives around justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Seize this exceptional opportunity to expand our impact, champion the cause of Independent Health Care and Patient Advocates, and cultivate meaningful connections across the health care landscape while preserving the core values of patient-first advocacy. Together, let’s grow and make a difference!

Elevate your advocacy game, and join us! We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!

Are You Interested in a Volunteer Role?


wlunteers play a significant role in ensuring the Independent Patient and Healthcare Advocate Track runs smoothly. We have several volunteer opportunities available, each with varying responsibilities. The different roles are described here, along with some general volunteer requirements.

General Volunteer Responsibilities

If you are interested in volunteering to support the Independent Patient and Health Care Advocate Track (part of the larger Healthcare Advocate Summit), please read the job descriptions and then complete the volunteer application form. The information on the form will help us to schedule volunteers for the jobs they are most interested in doing and where their skills will be used most effectively. Please note that applying to volunteer does not guarantee a job assignment. We are accepting Volunteer applications until May 18th, 2023.

Specific duties will vary depending on which volunteer job you are assigned, but all volunteers will be asked to:


  • Know the key locations of conference events (exhibit hall, breakout session rooms) and be able to direct attendees as needed.
  • Have the contact information of the event manager in case any issues arise.
  • Wear a nametag identifying themselves as Volunteers.
  • Answer questions in a helpful and friendly manner.

Specific Volunteer Responsibilities 


Registration volunteers are often the attendees’ first point of contact at the event. Specific duties may include:


  • Greeting attendees as they approach.
  • Handing out name badges and any other materials.
  • Providing directions.
  • Answers to questions as needed.
  • Providing directional support.

Ambassador and Expo Booth

Serve as an ambassador representing CHCAO member organizations and the independent patient and healthcare advocate community. These volunteers will:


  • Work in the Expo Hall Booth and may be assigned to other locations.
  • Be well-informed about resources and member opportunities in the independent and healthcare advocate space.

Room Monitor

Room Monitors will staff breakout session rooms and ensure that everything runs smoothly for the breakout session. Specific duties may include:

  • Ensuring the speaker and/or moderator has everything they need.
  • Ensuring audio recording is started and stopped at the appropriate times.
  • Timekeeper responsibilities.
  • Facilitating Q&A portions of presentations as needed.

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