To Our Patient and Health Care Advocacy Colleagues:


On behalf of the Health Advocacy Collaborative Ethics Task Force, we are hopeful that your (and other) advocacy organizations will adopt and share this revised Code of Ethics with their members to encourage all practicing health care advocates to subscribe and adhere to the same professional standards of behavior and best practices.

Although we request supporting organizations comply with a few steps, the process is quite simple and involves the following four steps.

  1. Notify the Task Force of your intent to adopt the revised Code of Ethics.
  2. Announce to your members the adoption of the revised Code.
  3. Place the revised Code on your website(s).
  4. Advise the Task Force if and how you plan to require members to ‘agree’.

Please see the updated Code of Ethics and feel free to reach out if you have questions about posting the Code on your website and, or if you plan to share it with your members.

The HACE plans to continue collaborative efforts to help inform a competent workforce of patient and health care advocates. The task force hopes to encourage broad adoption of these Standards across the professional advocacy community and invites all interested parties who wish to learn more.

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